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​Absolute Elegance Flooring and more delivers superior, expert quality installation for tile, wood flooring, ceramic, granite, marble, glass block, adobe tile, stone, brick pavers, and more. We are your resource for flooring in Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

Higher caliber training in installation skills and techniques by Old School Flooring Mechanics, and a dedicated work ethic, get you exceptional installation results for all your hard floor covering needs.

Looking to do tile in Tulsa or Broken Arrow? Ceramic tile is known for its extreme versatility, resistance to various elements, and ease of cleaning. It is relied upon for its extensive range of usages, sizes, shapes and colors.
Whether it is a public or residential, indoor or outdoor, ceramic tile can be counted on to perform with exceptional durability, beauty, and visual appeal. Call today for tile in Owasso, Broken Arrow, or Tulsa.

Travertine: A versatile and beautiful stone used since ancient times; a cousin of marble- falling between marble and limestone, Travertine is characterized by irregular holes on the surface and unique veining.
Travertine varies in color based on the ion content of the stone from which it is cut. Colors may range from light ivory, deepening and darkening to a reddish brown, and sometimes even to a gold tone. Travertine is aesthetically grounding, and charming, adding old world beauty anywhere it is used.

Granite is a beautiful, durable stone that many builders and homeowners love. Granites famous characteristic patterns are formed when mica, quartz and feldspar, fuse with molten volcanic rock, pressed between layers of rock. The amounts of each of these materials will also determine the Granite’s color. Granite adds subdued elegance and beauty anywhere it is placed.

Wood, is unsurpassed when warmth, beauty and high quality flooring is desired.
Hardwood flooring adds warmth, and beauty, is connecting, and endearing, and durable. If beauty, warmth, functionality and durability are your desire, you’d be hard pressed to find something better than wood.

Engineered hardwood flooring, made of layers of wood, has the added benefit of allowing each board to expand and contract without warping or cupping.

Laminate wood flooring is extremely versatile, easy to install, and easy to clean, is recommended for areas that are more regularly used by children and pets. It is not recommended for wet areas, such as bathrooms, or screened in porches subject to the weather.

Engineered and laminate wood flooring is so loved in Europe; many people actually take up their wood flooring and take it with them when they move.

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